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In recent times, smartphone application business has seen a massive growth. Ever since the technology came in, developers are constantly upgrading them and developing advanced features for them. Life has become so easy that everything you want, is just a click away! In the app development world, there are many tools and technologies which provide such advancements. Two of the most popular among them are Flutter vs Vue js.

Flutter vs Vue js is one of the heated topics among developers as they both are used primarily in development of apps for Android and iOS platforms. Hence, there is always a topic for debate between them for which is a better framework? In this article, I will talk about both of them and will discuss their differences in detail, so you can choose the right framework for your project.

Flutter Framework

flutter vs vue | optymize

Let’s discuss the first topic of our Flutter vs Vue debate.

Flutter framework is used to build cross-platform mobile applications. It is open-source and maintained by Google. It builds app for Android and iOS platforms. The apps built by Flutter are robust and look more contemporary in design. One big advantage developers have is they do not have to learn programming languages such as Swift or Java, instead, developers can write the apps in Dart and compile them into the native code. It is also one of the most flexible platforms available.

There is a new project by Flutter, called “Flutter for the web” which will allow us to develop web applications using Flutter. Which means you can now not only code in different platforms but will also be able to share your codes between the platforms. Will talk more about it later in the article.

Flutter’s cross-platform feature allows us to share logic and resources between both Android and iOS platforms. You will still be able to control the specific feature of each platform like User Interface.

Vue.JS Framework

flutter vs vue | optymize

Let’s discuss the second topic of our Flutter vs Vue debate.

Vue.js is a popular, independent, and progressive JavaScript framework. It is community driven, has more than 1.5 million worldwide users and is downloaded up to 10million times monthly on npm. On the work front, it has world class documentation and intuitive API. The framework is designed to build user interfaces, single page applications and to provide scalability. You can also integrate Vue framework with other libraries and functions, such as the ones on the view layer. Vue is used by many renowned corporations such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, NASA, etc.

Vue can be used to create both mobile and desktop-based apps. In stress-handling, Vue is a lot better than other JS frameworks like React and Angular. It can also easily compete with some fast non-Virtual DOM frameworks as well. The updated Vue3 version is one of the most powerful frontend framework that can handle most of the web applications easily without any manual optimization. It is reactive, gives great performance, has compiler-optimized rendering,  and an adoptable ecosystem.

So, that was a general introduction of Flutter vs Vue frameworks. We read that both the technologies have similar uses. Then, how to pick the one best suited for our project? 

Flutter vs Vue.JS: Which is Best For Your App

Now, let’s discuss each technology between Flutter vs Vue.JS in detail, focusing on their features and functions, so you can better decide the one you need for your project.


Flutter Framework


Every technology brings some loopholes in its initial stage; nevertheless, the makers, and if it is an open-source platform, the developer communities come up with the fixation of bugs and other gray areas. According to Flutter Journal, the second revision of Flutter addressed almost 25000 issues to make the framework functioning flawless. The Flutter web development community members try to support and help each other to make the technology tool scalable and error-free every day. Hence, the scalability of the framework keeps on growing.


Minimized handling

Unlike other software development platforms, Flutter is easy to handle and can be managed by a small team of little-trained software developers. On top of it, the huge community support can come to their rescue whenever they are stuck with any Flutter web app development process.


Desktop specialist

Google has empowered Flutter now with its desktop mastery. Yes, the giant has partnered with Canonical which supports Flutter application development and deployment on Linux, and as a result, users get a rich experience from their Flutter web apps which is as attractive as mobile applications on their handheld devices. In a way, whether on the smartphones or their bigger screen of workstations or tablets, Flutter remains their favorite stuff.



The scope of the project is likely to change as time passes in software development. While for other technology platforms and frameworks, it’s difficult to implement the required changes, Flutter web apps development comes with the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly and with no big hurdles. This makes Flutter for web development preferred choice because it is a win-win situation for developers and buyers.


PWA and SPA provision

Flutter web app developers opine that the framework works flawlessly when it is about the support for Progressive Web (Net) Apps (PWAs) to blend the web’s reach with the power of desktop applications. Furthermore, SPAs (Single Page Apps) would load faster and exchange information to and from the net services.

Vue. JS Framework


Vue.js was basically developed with the idea of achieving positive results with minimal effort. This enables developers to create an application or design a user interface with very few lines of code. Vue.js is also great when the developer wants to work with components, as it requires little overhead — Vue.js components can easily store all your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code in a single file.


User-Friendly Web Development Framework

Vue.js is one such framework that doesn’t require a steep learning curve. This is beneficial for all developers, especially for beginners — Vue.js only requires a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is the opposite of Angular or React, as these technologies require knowledge of additional programming languages requiring advanced coding expertise.

Besides this, Vue.js is used by development companies with some common editors. It also comes with a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox, making it easier to start working with this technology.


Higher Performance

When we are talking about the advantages of Vue.js, its higher performance level is bound to come into the discussion. One of the other advantages of Vue js for app development is that it provides higher performance. And the main reason behind it is that Vue.js not only works with Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) but also goes very well with giving attention to the shortcomings. It also can manage a high frame rate. All these things result in better performance than React.


Easy to Understand

With its simple structure, Vue.js is easy to understand, enabling developers to easily add Vue.js to their web projects. Besides, Vue comes with a well-defined architecture that allows developers to keep the existing infrastructure as is and keep the data, life-cycle, and custom methods separate. This JavaScript framework has some amazing features like compound properties, watchers, and directives which makes it easier for experts to build a modern website application. It also enables the developers to use other flexible programming languages while working with this framework.


Simple Integration

With Vue.js being one of the most popular frameworks amongst web app developers, it facilitates integrations with existing applications. And all this is possible because Vue is based on JavaScript. It has features that make it easy for developers to integrate this technology into other applications built on JavaScript.

Besides this, Vue.js allows the experts to add Vue.js CDN and then start using it. Vue.js CDN also comes with a lot of third-party libraries and components. And when you want to work with Vue.js, you don’t need to set up nodes and npm. This means that this technology can be used for both developing new web apps and altering pre-existing apps. In addition to this, you can also use Vue.js as a jQuery Replacement.


Solid Tooling Ecosystem

Since Vue.js has come into life, it has gained a robust set of tools that any development team can use while creating applications. Its releases, like Vue CLI 3, are very popular and enable the developers to deliver heaps of new functions. Vue CLI 3 updates this progressive JavaScript framework that supports TypeScript and Babel out of the box, offers end-to-end testing tools, unit testing, and a plugin installation system.

Besides this, Vue.js has its own state manager, browser debugging tools, and server renderer.


Keeps the Focus on User Interfaces

Vue.js is a framework that keeps a solid focus on working with user interfaces. This is possible because it only requires JS, CSS, and HTML to work with it and doesn’t rely on too much Vue-specific stuff. For instance, for its Hybrid cloud, IBM used Vue.js as a front-end framework. This choice was made because of its gentle learning curve, it being lightweight, and its reliance on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Flutter For The Web Development

Businesses love using Flutter. The mobile app developers almost find it similar to working on web apps. For instance, mobile applications render a visual interface that communicates with the backend through APIs, and quite similarly, Flutter desktop and web apps interact with the backend via APIs. Flutter also performs better on the web as compared to other frameworks.

Let me tell you how.

There are two powerful rendering engines that enhance Flutter web development-

  1. DomCanvas
  2. CanvasKit

DomCanvas, an HTML DOM-based model, blends HTML/JavaScript/CSS and Canvas API to craft layouts and build Flutter widgets for the web. The framework uses DomCanvas by default for its programming.On the other hand, CanvasKit (developed by Skia) has WebAssembly and WebGL, the two responsible for empowering browsers to use hardware acceleration. The use of such acceleration helps programmers get the best graphic quality without any complexity.

Now, The performance of Flutter web apps is measured through a couple of factors. 

  1. It is observed how Flutter renders and tackles large data, and
  2. How it performs in transition plus displaying animation and special effects. 

Due to Dart, Flutter neatly handles a huge amount of data with ease. In addition, when coded with CanvasKit, the tool gets a significant boost in performance that ultimately results in the best and unparalleled user experience. 

Another fair experience most experts in Flutter web development opine is that the framework is capable of delivering customized versions for different purposes just like it does for both the mobile platforms Android and iOS. That said, Flutter web apps can maintain consistency across the different sizes of screens from different gadgets -small or large. 

If you wonder how Flutter web apps development can have this, it is the Dart. Dart components are flexible and can adapt any components from any source and, therefore, Flutter can get you the same experience on the web that you get on Android and Apple devices.


Flutter vs Vue.JS, as you have seen, both the frameworks are used for app development but have many differences that set them apart. It is easy to get confused and influenced over choosing the right framework. I hope the article helped you in clarifying some doubts and will help you in making better choice.

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