How to Hire Web3 Developer in 48 hours

How to Hire Web3 Developer in 48 hours


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Many enterprises and startups are in direct need to hire web3 developer. Web3 as a concept has made revolutionary changes to the technology industry. 

Finding Web3 engineers is a difficult undertaking because the concept is still new. The majority of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast developers are learning this new version of the web, which is set to revolutionize the internet in ways we don’t yet comprehend.

To stay afloat in this competitive technical world every company must invest carefully to find a web3 developer for hire. Hiring experienced and skilled remote web3 developers is the only way to fast-track the development process.

In this blog, we will learn how to hire web3 developer in just 48 hours and use some cost-effective methods for your web3 development. 

How to Hire Web3 Developer in 48 hours

What exactly is Web3?

Web3, in contrast to its predecessors, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, is built on peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized networks such as blockchain.

Blockchain is a key component of cryptocurrencies, and Web3 is a byproduct of both. Web3 developers produce apps that are not restricted to a single cloud server but are instead distributed over a blockchain or decentralized P2P network that is not governed by a central authority.

Web3 differs from Web 2.0 in several ways: it is verifiable, self-governing, permissionless, distributed, stateless, and has built-in payment mechanisms (cryptocurrency).

Because of this lack of openness and verification, Web 2.0 has an excessive amount of content and information, the majority of which is ineffective for common consumers. Its security is also inadequate, which explains why there are so many hackers today, as well as a significant surge in identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Any Web3 application would be produced and owned by the users, who would help construct and maintain the app, earning a share along the way. This is how Bitcoin works, with miners earning Bitcoins by facilitating transactions through computational processes.

What talents should you look for when recruiting web3 developers?

To begin hiring for Web3 expertise, it is necessary to first grasp the many levels that comprise web3. The technology stack is changing and being defined by diverse organizations. 

Hiring across the tech stack will enable businesses to make educated hiring decisions.

Building for Web3 is similar to building for Web2. A typical Web2 developer’s path begins with 

1.) learning/reading about web3 technologies (Blockchain, DAOs, Crypto, NFTs, etc.)

2.) Discover Smart Contracts and how to code them in Solidity.

3.) Discover how to interact with the blockchain by creating a frontend with ethers.js or Web3.js.

4.) Use Solidity to build on the Ethereum network.

5.) Continuous Integration and Staging Deployment.

Web3 talents are easily acquired, and huge proxies exist to assist corporations in their search for adjacent capabilities. L0 procedures can be learned on the job, however, for the subsequent levels, the neighboring skills listed below serve as strong indications.

Things to consider when hiring web3 developers

Verify References

The usual notion among organizations searching for web development is to review the developer’s or web development company’s whole portfolio. However, many parts of a portfolio fail to answer all of the client’s questions. As an example:

Whether or whether the project was completed on time?

Was the project finished on time and under budget?

What was the developer’s attitude toward talks, project management, and reporting with the clients?

Interview with the Developer

When you hire a web developer for a web development project, he should offer you profile links or even a CV.

It is always beneficial to know the developer’s educational credentials as well as a list of projects completed, but the major thing is that you need to know the developer’s inventiveness as well as measure his practical ability to cope with the many intricacies of your project.

As a result, having individual visual conversations or video conferencing with your prospective developer is unquestionably a superior solution.

Inquire about security and privacy policies.

Every firm has sensitive data, and each has its unique worries about personal information security. Many web development projects require sensitive data to delve further into corporate operations.

The underlying hazard is linked to the disclosure of these company secrets to any unknown third parties or developers traveling via the firm’s analytic process during the full course of gathering personal and commercial data.

As a result, signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal process that is common in the web development business and among professional web developers. It ensures that data confidentiality and privacy remain the most important concerns that must be addressed.

Expertise and Experience

A web developer can never have complete knowledge in all sectors since learning new technologies and mastering them is expensive in many ways, and most developers cannot afford it.

As a result, developers frequently stay in relevant and targeted specializations when it comes to skill development. These specialists can generate high-quality results while demonstrating flexibility and scalability in your web development tasks.

As a result, you must question the skill sets of the web developers and match them with your project needs.

Where to Look for Web3 Developers

Whether you’re seeking Web3 developers for hire or for a long-term project or a small engagement, knowing where to hunt for the top people for this specific set of abilities will significantly shorten your search time.

Web3 is generating amazing innovation, just like bitcoin did in its early days. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the blockchain ecosystem and help shape the web’s future.


LinkedIn is a social media platform as well as another online employment website. Many startups start their talent search here.

Not only can you advertise Web3 development jobs on LinkedIn, but you can also look for experts with experience by checking prospective workers’ profiles. Workers’ abilities, experience, and education are displayed in profiles, and if you like someone, you may contact them directly on the website or app.

Job Boards for Cryptocurrency

Even when discussing something as cutting-edge as Web3, you may discover that the age-old method of exploring job boards is rather convenient. However, you should look for a job platform that is recognized for attracting blockchain and crypto engineers.

There are various employment boards dedicated only to crypto-related positions. By posting the position on more than one of these sites, you may boost your chances of finding the perfect person.

Marketplaces for Talent

When looking for Web3 developers, another potential alternative is to use online talent marketplaces. These often include both remote employees and freelancers, so you’ll need to choose which type of worker you require first.

Do you want a permanent team member? Do you require a contract freelancer? These are severe concerns. For long-term collaboration, for example, you’d probably want the developer to be a business employee.

There is nothing wrong with working with a freelance developer as long as the connection matches your goals and you can locate someone acceptably. However, if you want to embed developers in your team and recruit them permanently, Revelo is a great place to start.

Find a Remote Development Partner

You can develop your projects in two ways – by outsourcing projects or talents. Both Outsource and Freelance talents have their pros and cons. In Outsource projects, you don’t have any control over the timeline of the project. But while outsourcing freelance talents, you will be able to integrate them into your core projects and fast-track your development process.

Optimize is a network of remote freelance developers. Optimize connects the top vetted-quality developers with experience and required technical skills. Optimize offers their web3 developer in less than 48 hours. The simple process of onboarding a talent from optimization involves –

A call with the director of engineering to understand your requirements

Then receive the sorted list of talents along with their cv and cover letters

Interview and onboard them as early as possible

How to Hire Web3 Developer in 48 hours

How to hire Web3 Developer in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Identify your company’s difficulties

All web development projects are unique, and without understanding the size and aims of your project, it is difficult to provide you with specific advice on which web developers would best fit your needs. At the outset of your search, you must identify what type of web development project you want a developer for:

A basic web project entails creating a simple website or incorporating new features into an existing one. A contact form, a CTA button, a fresh template design, a subscription button, and so on are examples of such features.

Medium web projects involve the creation of static or dynamic web apps, online marketplaces, and other services that necessitate the integration of third-party services such as CRM, CMS, databases, chatbots, APIs, and others.

Large-scale web projects are those that require not just a slew of advanced technology but also integration with cloud hosting servers to store all of their user data, such as a video-sharing social media app or social networks.

Other projects, since project scope and circumstances differ.

Step 2: Determine the developer’s abilities.

Web developers are classified into three kinds. Front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers are all available.

Front-end developers work on the front end of your website, which is the component of the website that visitors interact with. You may engage such experts to make minor changes to the design and layout of your website. Consider the distinction between a front-end developer and a web designer.

Back-end developers are in charge of website structure, which is concealed behind the front end, i.e. how your website functions. If you want to increase the performance of your website, integrate third-party services into the site architecture, or fix technical difficulties, you may need to hire an expert.

Full-stack developers know both the front-end and back-end of websites. Such specialists are becoming increasingly popular among start-ups with limited resources.

Step 3: Locate the necessary specialists

Consider hiring web programmers as technology partners who will become a part of your organization for several years, offering continuing technical assistance to your project and executing subsequent website enhancements.

As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when hiring web developers.

Step 4: Examine the skills of the web development team

Communication is essential for staying on the same page as the development team. Furthermore, good communication and expectation sharing will lead to fewer misconceptions, clearer project needs, and a feature set.

Teamwork is necessary, especially for a big and complicated project involving designers, project managers, QA managers, business analysts, and other team members.

Proactivity is important since it is always beneficial for a developer to provide input on technical solutions, discuss ideas, and offer changes during the project development process.

Step 5: Choose a functioning model

The project-based approach is popular among new and established firms looking to complete a modest web development project. This paradigm involves a predetermined scope of work and timelines.

If you need to integrate complicated functionalities on your websites, such as cloud storage integration or AI Chabot creation, but want to save time and money by employing in-house professionals, a Dedicated Team business model is ideal.


Hiring a web3 developer is simple if you look in the appropriate areas, perform good interviews, and construct a strong coding exam. You can always train a candidate if you feel they are inexperienced. They should, however, be eager to learn more.

Optymize can help you overcome your talent acquisition problems by providing some of the greatest developers to join your team and take your Web3 project to the next level. Contact us and we will connect you with approved developers.



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