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Perhaps the most popular language in web development is HTML or HTML5. Companies hire HTML developers for creation of their web pages and web applications. Every website from a google search page to your favorite social media have plenty of their elements written in HTML. HTML is widely used to define webpage structures but that’s not the only definitive aspect of it. 

Mostly used in front-end, the language has different elements that the browser breaks down, analyze and choose to display content. Let’s dive into the world of HTML and read about ten topmost uses of HTML in web development which you can utilize in your projects yourself or hire HTML developers for the same.

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What is HTML?

HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language. A hypertext is generally a link that leads you to another page or to different sections in a same page. A markup language is a text-encoding system that comprises a set of symbols that are inserted in a text document to control the format and structure of the page and its parts.  Many companies even take HTML developers for hire to control the display of the web document, to design and enhance the content or to automate certain processes.

HTML is mainly used to develop and create web pages and applications. Combined with CSS and JavaScript, it has become a landmark in web development. Having CSS helps in layout, colors and appearance while JavaScript helps in embedding programs and affecting behavior of the web page contents. HTML provides appearance, structure, images and other elements.

Companies looking to hire HTML developers should test their abilities with creating structured-semantic texts, utilization of HTML tags and their behavior, and also the ability to interpret the page content. A text editor such as notepad  is usually required to write and edit HTML.

Top 10 Uses of HTML:

1. Developing Web Pages

Since 1999, it has become a standard and is used widely to create web pages. Though, developers use it with CSS for better quality. Web development is the most important arena HTML is used at. Every page on the internet contains codes written in HTML. Many common web browsers today even have web development tools to modify and display HTML pages. Typically every web page contains hyperlinks and HTML tags to connect with other pages also.

2. Navigating the Internet

It is an outstanding use of HTML. The hypertext concept in HTML means that user can jump from one web page to another seamlessly. It helps in easier navigation throughout the internet. HTML anchor tags are used to navigate and link web pages together. One can literally navigate among any web pages in the internet. HTML can also embed the hyperlinks in the web pages. With this feature, a user can easily navigate between various web pages from different servers.

3. Web Document Creation

Companies can hire HTML developers for document creation. HTML dominates the internet in document creation through its basic concepts such as document object model via DOM and tag. Programmers insert HTML tags before and after the phrases to determine location or to format the page.   

A web document has three sections- Title, Head, and Body. One can see the title on the browser’s bar. Head consists of the information that identifies the document, such as title and important keywords. The body is the main section of the website which is visible to the viewer. HTML tags are used to design and create all three sections. 

4. Cutting Edge Feature

Many companies hire HTML developers to introduce innovations in website creation. HTML5 has been used in many such recent innovations by utilizing its standards and APIs. To integrate these latest HTML5 standards and APIs google chrome is a fantastic choice. Though some APIs such as polyfill libraries are still supported by old browsers. A JavaScript library called Modernizr can detect features that helps developers to load pollyfill libraries dynamically when needed.  

5. Data Entry

Today everyone has access to the internet. Every amount of data and information can be shared almost instantly. With such a vast pool of data flowing, there is a demand for developers who can manage and store this data. Companies can hire html developers to look after their data as well. HTML is not limited to web pages only. We can build online spaces, build games and can even be used for data entry. 

Businesses can use HTML forms to engage their customers and access the market. HTML forms are used to collect user information which is then sent to the server for analysis. HTML5 also developed new features and APIs that helps users in validation and effective data entry. With the help of HTML5 standards, developers can add tags, content, specify data type, format and a lot more things to ease up the tasks.

6. Responsive Image Design

Responsive design is an integral part of web development. HTML images have an attribute known as ‘srcset.’ This attribute references the images that the browser will parse and their respective sizes. These media queries can make the selected images to be responsive. At the elementary level in applications of HTML, queries can be set to utilize the images, which are responsive in nature.

With the srcset attribute of img element in HTML and combining it with picture elements, a developer can fully control how the user will render an image. Now different types of an image with size variation can be loaded by using the img element. Rules can be easily set with the picture element; we can declare the img element with the default source, and then for every case, a source can be provided.

7. Offline Capabilities

HTML allows users and developers to access applications and websites while being offline. It utilises cache manifest files to choose which data to store offline. Users can also turn their HTML page into PDF for offline usage. After saving the data, you can experiment on the page as per you like, work on strategies or fix issues. 

For offline capabilities, HTML has several functions such as update API, read manifest cache, events and files, etc. You can hire HTML developers to verify online activities of your applications and whether they need any fixing. Developers can also tell you which browser is better in handling offline resources.  

8. Game Development

HTML can be used across many platforms including gaming. Game developers can embed HTML with JavaScript to develop online games. Before HTML5, the languages used to develop games were Flash and Silverlight.

But with new features, HTML5 can be implemented with CSS3 and JavaScript to develop rich gaming experience. You do not need to implement every feature of the API, but can use the most appropriate ones and reject other features.

9. Storage

HTML5 has many new features such as localStorage and IndexDB that has transformed the way user data is stored. They can be more useful if user provides full permission while giving and storing their data. Earlier, users weren’t able to save their browser data persisting between sessions.

To solve this issue, server-side infrastructure was built or users’ cookies had to be used. But now, IndexDB and localStorage easily solves the issue. localStorage is based on hash-table storage with a simple API and functions like getItem, setItem and removeItems. While, IndexDB is a larger client-side data store. It can also grow as per client request as well.

10. Native APIs for Websites

HTML5 has introduced many new abilities and tools that were unimaginable in the past. With new APIs to help with file systems, drag and drop, geolocation, client storage, etc, you can create web pages with ease. To improve applications, some APIs like Visibility, Fullscreen and Media capture work wonders. Modern web applications are asynchronous, so for your web development project, you should hire HTML developers who are well versed with these new features and APIs of HTML5.


Those days are gone when HTML was only used for designing a web page. Now companies can easily hire HTML developers who can utilize HTML5, its APIs and tools to do a plethora of different things. Some of which we covered in this article. HTML usage has become more sophisticated than before. Businesses looking to build interactive web pages can hire HTML programmers. If you are looking for such developers, you can check our site.

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