Top Cryptocurrency Jobs to Explore in 2022

Top Cryptocurrency Jobs to Explore in 2022


As the IT industry is accelerating exponentially so are the professionals behind it. The expanding cryptocurrency market has created lakhs of cryptocurrency jobs opportunities for everyone around the world. Today, the crypto and blockchain industry is in search of proficient blockchain developers who are fit for cryptocurrency jobs. Likewise, every talented blockchain developer is looking for better opportunities in the blockchain field including top cryptocurrency jobs.

In 2022, the use of cryptocurrencies by people around the world is soaring through the sky. According to data, 100 million people own cryptocurrencies in India followed by the USA with 27 million. With the emergence of blockchain technology, the face of internet technology changed drastically. People are relying on technologies more than themselves. A lot of professionals work from behind the screen to fulfill these never-ending needs of people to keep the system on-going.

The surge in remote cryptocurrency jobs search has resulted in companies to choose the most suitable candidate for the job. Everyone wants highly qualified and experienced professionals. However, there are small startups that employ beginners.

In this blog we will talk about the cryptocurrency jobs. We will cover most of the jobs that come under the cryptocurrency industry. If you are well equipped with knowledge of blockchain technology then you’re just a few steps away from being hired. Let us explore some of the crucial cryptocurrency jobs now.

Must Have Skills for Cryptocurrency Jobs

Before you begin searching for cryptocurrency jobs, you must be proficient with the crypto industry, its technologies and applications. To fulfill these needs you will have to have tech specific skills because they are crucial to land a good cryptocurrency job.

As of today, most cryptocurrency jobs mention hard skills, including Java, Python, machine learning, Node.js, artificial intelligence (AI), C/C++, and Amazon web services.

Not only hard skills but there are cryptocurrency jobs for non-technical professionals also. A company needs valuable candidates with soft skills like communication, problem solving, and creativity. However, companies also value other soft skills such as self motivation and team players.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

According to the Linkedin analysis, blockchain is at the top of the list of the top 10 hard talents in 2020. Blockchain abilities are essential for working in the bitcoin industry. When it comes to the number of blockchain-related occupations, the United States leads, followed by the United Kingdom and India. Engineering: 31%, Operations: 17%, Marketing: 13%, Design: 10%, Sales: 9%, Customer Support: 7%, Other: 13% workers in blockchain-related occupations were 22% more likely to get hired than those pursuing more traditional jobs.

This area has evolved to the point that global blockchain spending is predicted to reach $15.9 billion by 2023, up from $1.5 billion in 2018. According to the LinkedIn Position Report 2020, the most rising job in 2020 is blockchain developer, which has grown 33 times.

Now, we will talk in detail about cryptocurrency jobs. You can go through them and check if you are interested in them. At the end, the blog will disclose the simplest way to get a cryptocurrency job. Let’s begin.


It is one of top cryptocurrency jobs. A financial analyst’s role is critical in a company’s financial planning and analysis department. They are in charge of assessing financial accounts and forecasting the company’s future performance. Forecasting future income and expenditures, as well as capital structure modeling and budgeting, are examples of this.

Financial analysts are frequently in charge of maintaining a company’s financial strategy. Analyzing the company’s performance, as well as changes and market trends, allows analysts to not only develop projections, but also measure deviations between forecasts and actuals. The analysts’ role is to find and explain the reasons for these discrepancies.

As a crypto financial analyst, your work schedule will comprise tasks such as recommending investments, developing investment strategies, evaluating risks, and maintaining investment portfolios.

When you are looking online for cryptocurrency jobs, you will surely come upon remote financial analysts. Many companies prefer remote financial analysts.


In the field of cryptocurrency jobs, data scientist is kind of an upgraded profession than usual. Data scientists understand company goals and find ways to use data to achieve those goals in the field of cryptocurrency jobs. They construct algorithms and prediction models to extract the data that the business needs, as well as assist evaluate the data and share findings with peers. Each project in Data Science is unique, and the procedure for acquiring and evaluating data differs as well.


The role of a journalist in the world of cryptocurrency jobs is fascinating. A crypto journalist won’t know the dip or the high price but will have news from all the related fields of cryptocurrency. An information gatherer, in other words.

A crypto journalist is someone who has passion about telling everybody else about the events occurring in the midst of the cryptocurrency universe. Because as of now we all know that cryptocurrency is a huge industry. Billions of dollars are behind in this industry. Hundreds of companies are there in this space and every company has something to tell. As a crypto journalist, you will act as a medium to spread this information about innovations, new ideas, news, events, and everything on cryptocurrency.

As a crypto journalist, you will have to gather all this information and present it to the crypto enthusiast to provide accurate knowledge of what’s actually happening. The best is that the job pays well. If you’re more than average, then you have an outstanding future. Because all the hard skilled people are building their own companies now.

Most journalists start out by interning at a newspaper or magazine, and have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a related field. Writing samples (or broadcast, if that’s the type of journalism you’re interested in) are key to landing a position.


Cyber Security Architect is one kind of cryptocurrency job who defends the system.

We all know that one of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that it is super safe and much harder to hack than traditional payment systems. Cybersecurity architects are the professionals very much needed to ensure that safety remains rock solid.

If you are a tech specialist then security must be an interesting topic for you. A cybersecurity architect has responsibilities such as to design and create security systems within an organization’s IT network and keep on maintaining the network and save from any breach or attack. They also provide security to computer systems and data. They are the people that keep our online secret safe.

In the world of cryptocurrency jobs, a cybersecurity architect earns upto $95,000 per year.


The field of cryptocurrency jobs also has the spot for research analysts. Sometimes they are also simply called analysts. They are the professionals who gather information and prepare reports based on that information, fulfilling both the in-house or client’s needs. In today’s world, a crypto analyst is a reputed job.

As a crypto research analyst, you are expected to have solid background on data analysis, strategic thinking, and written communication skills. You are also expected to have thorough knowledge of how the crypto market – the types of currencies, their differences, their operations, technologies, trading platforms, applications, researches and many more.

In this cryptocurrency jobs field, as an analyst you will earn $60,000 – $70,000 per year.

Sample Crypto Jobs Description

Job description

(The Company) is looking for a Blockchain Developer for the cryptocurrency industry, who is well versed and has worked on Blockchain. The responsibility of the developer will include designing, implementing, and supporting a distributed blockchain-based network. As a Blockchain Developer, your primary responsibility will be to analyze requirements, design, build and launch a blockchain technology network around a certain business model.

Roles and Responsibilities for Cryptocurrency Jobs

  1. To design & build RESTful APIs, microservices and distributed systems using GoLang
  2. Good experience on implementing tokens or integrating wallet or mode of crypto payment system.
  3. Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Development experience on blockchain platforms in domains such as banking, payments, insurance, and manufacturing
  • Platforms:- Ethereum/ Binnance/ Hyperledger/ CryptoCurrency
  • Programming: NodeJS, Solidity, ReactJS.
  • Have some experience on React and Node JS/ REST API
  • Wallet Integration/ Meta mask/ Torus
  • Knowledge blockchain technology such as ERC20 and ERC 721
  • Have some working knowledge in Blockchain SaaS / PaaS using one of the Cloud platforms Bluemix, Azure, AWS


  • UG :Any Graduate
  • Role: Software Development – Other
  • Industry Type: IT Services & Consulting
  • Functional Area – Engineering – Software
  • Employment Type – Full Time, Permanent
  • Role Category – Software Development

Key Skills:

Rust, Blockchain, ERC20, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain Development, Solidity, Hyperledger, ERC 721, Ethereum,Binnance, Cryptocurrency

If you fit the above bill then you can apply here: (The Link)

Popular Blockchain Jobs


The most common and crucial employment in the blockchain area is Blockchain Developer. Their major goal is to create apps that use blockchain technology. They must possess strong technical abilities as well as a drive to give superior service to their employers. Anyone interested in this path should be familiar with blockchain architecture, cryptography, data structures, and web programming, as well as C++,.NET, Python, and XML.

Blockchain software developers and core blockchain developers are the two kinds of blockchain developers. With the right tools and knowledge, a blockchain developer is always a fit for cryptocurrency jobs.


The role of the Blockchain Architect is to allocate, design, and integrate the different components of the Blockchain solution. This entails collaboration with a variety of departments, including network administrators, IT operations, developers, and UX designers. React, CSS, HTML, React, Python, Generic SQL, and Node are all required skills for blockchain architects. DevOps, data science, and cryptography experience are also necessary.


The primary responsibility of a Blockchain Administrator is to design, implement, and manage blockchain infrastructure. Their objective is to combine the strengths of many blockchain teams and track the progress of services and technologies that have been installed. Employees interested in this career path should have prior familiarity with Linux, Unix, the Bitcoin protocol, and high-level programming languages. They should know all there is to know about networking infrastructure, virtualization, and networking services and protocols.


The purpose of the Blockchain Project Manager is to establish a link between the firm and blockchain professionals. They must ensure that the technical requirements are properly communicated and articulated to their colleagues. They must also possess the abilities of a typical project manager.


The goal of a Blockchain UX Designer is to create a distinctive, straightforward, and user-friendly interface that will keep people interested. Individuals interested in this field must demonstrate innovation, technical competence, and understanding of blockchain technology. Because they work with various departments, they must have excellent communication skills.


Manual testing, automated frameworks, testing glitches, and bugs are all part of the Blockchain Quality Engineer profession. If any issues are discovered, the individual should report them to the appropriate department and verify that the final product is bug-free. Applicants must have a thorough understanding of different blockchain systems, as well as be strong problem solvers and communicators.


One of the highest-paying blockchain jobs is that of a blockchain consultant. There are many different types of consulting, but a thorough grasp of blockchain technology is required. Developing strategies, forming solutions, and providing technical knowledge are the main responsibilities.


The major focus of a Blockchain Legal Consultant is on building legal alliances, counseling businesses on the structuring of cryptocurrency offers, and overseeing contracts. They must be familiar with the financial regulations that each country imposes. Smart contract knowledge is required.


The purpose of a Blockchain Engineer is to design an application that reflects a company’s technological elements. Individuals interested in this field should be willing to learn new skills and be familiar with the economic aspects of blockchain engineering, including supply and demand.


There are two categories of blockchain analysts: business analysts and risk analysts. Corporate analysts design effective business strategies, procedures, and possible areas for development, whereas risk analysts examine potential dangers and provide appropriate countermeasures. If you want to work as a blockchain analyst, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the technology and proficiency in the necessary technical skills.


The purpose of the blockchain security manager is to create unique, effective security strategies, deploy security solutions for frontend and backend software infrastructure, create complete security frameworks, test, and set up monitoring systems and procedures. Applicants should have knowledge of cybersecurity and security architectural concepts, as well as cloud technologies and numerous automation tools.


The community manager’s job is to develop material that answers their clients’ most frequently asked queries. Their goal is to track and present engagement statistics across multiple platforms, as well as develop strategies that will yield the best results. Even if a degree isn’t required, candidates should have some level of education.


Interns, helpers, and entry-level developers are the most common types of junior developers. Creating blockchain database application programming interfaces (API), user interface design (UI), debugging and fixing mobile and desktop apps, and front-end development are common tasks allocated to them.

The average yearly compensation for a junior blockchain engineer in the United States is $80,000, according to ZipRecruiter. The top 6% of junior developers, on the other hand, can earn up to $90-110K per year.

Crypto Jobs Salary

Possition Average Salary
1. Software engineer $90,000-$145,000
2. Tech architect $100,000-$160,000
3. Product Manager $85,000-$130,000
4. Front End Engineer $70,000-$125,000
5. Risk analyst $85,000-$105,000
6. Legal Counsel $100,000-$190,000
7. Crypto Community Manager $35,000-$95,000
8. Analyst Relations Manager $50,000-$125,000
9. Business Analyst $80,000-$105,000
10. UX/UI blockchain designer $80,000-$140,000


In 2022, many companies are upgrading using emerging technologies. Cryptocurrency jobs are exploding in the market because crypto is one such field where many companies need crypto professionals. But it is never easier to look and land on perfect cryptocurrency jobs.

If you are highly skilled and in need of remote cryptocurrency jobs then now is the time to join Optymize. It is a network of remote freelancers from all over the world. Optymize provides opportunities to work for silicon valley funded startups and fortune 500 companies. 

This is the end of the blog, but not your search for cryptocurrency jobs. No matter the result, we should all think about pushing the boundaries. As a cryptocurrency professional, skill up, apply and land on the dream cryptocurrency job. 



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