Ultimate Guide on How To Hire a Professional .Net Developer – Top Tips, Benefits and Hourly Rate

Ultimate Guide on How To Hire a Professional .Net Developer - Top Tips, Benefits and Hourly Rate


Why a .Net Developer?

.NET Developers are one group of programmers that have been in high demand for the longest time and will continue to be in demand by businesses and organizations in the future. The rationale is simple: .NET programmers can write programmes in any supported programming language and construct nearly any type of software product, whether it is front end, back end, mobile apps, or web-based applications.

In other words, because .NET programmers are in high demand for a wide range of projects, every.NET development firm wants to employ a good .NET developer.

In reality, this just emphasizes the need of hiring a .NET developer who is highly qualified and capable for your project.

What is .Net Development?

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source framework for developing many sorts of applications. It supports several languages and editors, and it is suitable for developing online, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT applications.

It is divided into four product categories or segments: .NET Framework,.NET Core, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). And each of them has its own set of frameworks and libraries for application development.

Benefits of Using .Net to Build a Web App?

The advantages of .NET over other programming languages and frameworks can be attributed to its advantages in the development process.
They are as follows:

.Net helps in Cost Reduction

If a company can lower expenses without sacrificing quality, it should do so.
.NET is one of the fundamental platforms that firms may use to make development more economical and time-effective.
Because .NET allows every application type to operate on any platform.
In a familiar context, skills and code may be utilized across all of them. This implies that developers may create apps more quickly and at a lower cost.

Performance Improvement

The overall performance of the app influences the user’s experience, and .NET assists in the development of high-performance apps.

Greater Security Enhancement

Any company’s main priority is data security. It is no longer a problem with the .NET platform. Because Microsoft officially supports the .NET framework, the information is safe and secure. Furthermore, Microsoft takes security very seriously and publishes fixes as soon as vulnerabilities are found.

Reduction in Development Time

Another prevalent issue is the amount of time necessary for development. Businesses seek to deploy solutions as soon as possible, and .NET is utilized to speed up the process.

Top Skills to look for in a .Net Developer

You should be aware of the talents necessary for a .NET developer when you investigate how to recruit a .NET developer.

Technical Skills


.NET is a big and comprehensive platform that has developed and become more complex over time. As a result, before looking for anything else, it is critical that a prospective .NET developer be well familiar with the platform itself. It is reasonable to assume at least some hands-on familiarity with .NET and a certain level of comfort tinkering with it. Believe us when we say that it comes in useful when it comes to troubleshooting difficulties that arise during the development lifecycle.

SQL and Databases

Another essential yet highly sought-after talent that a good .NET developer for hire must have is in-depth understanding of SQL and database administration. In reality, databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle are utilised on a daily basis in .NET programme development. As a result, it is expected of a good .NET developer to have a working understanding of various databases and to be comfortable experimenting with them as needed during the development process.


ASP.NET is a component of the larger .NET platform that is used to create visually appealing and high-performance online applications. Your project will almost certainly need a powerful client-facing front end in the form of a web app. Having a .NET developer that is familiar with ASP.NET MVC would also be beneficial. While understanding of ASP.NET is essential for a good .NET developer, you may make it a point to verify and guarantee that you pick a developer who has a penchant for it throughout the recruiting process!

Full Stack Development

.NET is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with a variety of different technologies, frameworks, and platforms. Because of the flexible and inclusive nature of .NET, .NET developers must have at least a rudimentary understanding of various technologies – just enough to be referred to as ‘full-stack’ developers. For example, if a .NET developer has abilities in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQuery in addition to basic understanding of the .NET platform and databases, he or she will be a much more dynamic and worthy .NET developer.

Roles and Responsibilities of .NET Developer

.NET developers are largely in charge of designing, implementing, and creating software programmes to meet the demands of various businesses. They also conduct analyses to identify particular problems and build the necessary system requirements.

A .NET developer’s primary tasks are as follows:

  • – Software design and development
  • – Create test-driven applications for .NET applications.
  • – Creating .NET apps.
  • – Monitor and assist the various system activities.
  • – Improve current systems.
  • – Identify current issues and develop plans of action to improve and address them.
  • – Interface and component design
  • – Create technical requirements as well as test plans.

Salary of .Net Developer

The Following is the list of 12 places to find top rated .Net Developers along with their salary.

  • USA – $93,244
  • Canada – $87,529
  • Ontario – $110,000
  • United Kingdom – $73,145
  • Bangalore – $9,049
  • Dubai – $49,000
  • Australia – $120,000
  • New Zealand – $69,010
  • Poland – $22,133
  • Czech Republic – $33,569
  • France – $43,749
  • German – $59,273
  • Kyiv – $72,000

Top Tips to utilize when hiring .Net Developer

Follow this list of guidelines to employ a.NET developer who will provide your team with the necessary skills and expertise.
We developed it based on our personal experiences:

Check Technical Skills

Make sure that the list of hard skills matches the majority of jobs that a new developer will face. For example, we always look for familiarity with the C# language and the.NET Core platform 2.0 and above, as well as knowledge and skills in ASP.NET Core Web API technology and development, as well as proficiency with relational databases.

Verify Soft Skills

The list of soft abilities will vary from one firm to the next. Being a team player, adaptability, accountability, commitment, and emotional intelligence are all vital.

Check Portfolio

Obviously, it is preferable to have one of the programmers review the code of the developer you intend to recruit. As a result, you can be confident that your developer team members are on the same page.

Hire .Net Developer in 5 steps

Now that we have come across all the crucial points regarding hiring of .Net Developers. It’s time we get into the actual how-to of the topic. We have simplified all the processes in 5 steps very concisely. You can look into them and apply them when you begin your hiring procedure.

1. Background Research for Job Description

As the initial stage in hiring a .NET developer, have a comprehensive grasp of .NET and determine your particular needs. Create a carefully researched job description as well as a job specification.

2. Decide Hiring Method

Sign up as a recruiter on an online community form/freelancing website/employment site to hire .NET developers, or work with a professional hiring agency like Optymize (recommended).

3. Post Job Ad

Begin the process of hiring a .NET developer by going live with your job ad and inviting applications.

4. Collect Resumes

Filter the applicants based on your chosen criteria, then conduct interviews, phone calls, and background checks.

5. Shortlist and Onboard

Shortlist and choose the applicants that make the cut for you, extend job offers, employ a .NET developer, and get started!


So, the solution to the fundamental question: how to hire .NET developers – is to first understand them and their specialization. If you are a recruiter, it is strongly recommended that you acquire at least basic abilities and understanding in this field. And, if you are the technician who picks developers at the end of the process, keep in mind that not just the greatest level of expertise is crucial to the developer. However, his personality is also crucial in order for him to be the best-matching member of your squad.



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