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How Optymize used AI-Powered Solutions for Cancer Drug Development and Research

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Savana Medica, a healthcare AI firm located in Spain, a growing name in the medical industry, is engaged in the creation of tools that can assist scientists all over the world in improving their research work. Using cutting-edge technology and technical experience, the business analyses unmet needs, potential side effects, gaps in the market, and other combinations that can help forecast the success of a novel pharmaceutical substance. They were having difficulties assuring accuracy throughout medication development, reducing drug failure rates, shortening research time, and acquiring meaningful data from relevant sources. As a result, the organization sought a solution that could address these issues while also saving money and time. That’s how they approached Optymize. The developers at Optymize went through the challenges they were facing and curated a set of solutions. These included an AI-powered system that will assist in gathering data from relevant sources without the need for human intervention or manual labor, potential to improve drug discovery and development by delivering accurate research results and making predictions, analyze the risk of drug success and failure and thus help to control drug discovery time to a large extent. In other words, the AI-based approach can determine the drug’s success rate. As a result, we were able to successfully reduce the failure rate of drug discovery, have precise drug discovery, and reduced time spent on drug discovery.
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