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This comprehensive guide has three sets of important full-stack developer interview questions and answers: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
Read, learn, practice and prepare yourself with these sure-shot full-stack developer interview questions to crack your next interview for a full-stack developer job.

Introduction - Full stack Interview Questions and Answers

We have compiled the top full stack developer technical interview questions for you to prepare for your next interview. We have divided the questions into three categories based on experience.

  • Full stack interview questions for Beginners.
  • Intermediate Full stack interview questions.
  • Advanced Full stack interview questions.

  • We have selected the most asked Full-stack questions in any interview. Each of these questions represents some core insights on Full-Stack Development.

    But first let’s discuss – Why Full-stack is a better choice in development? Why is there high demand for Full-Stack developers? What makes Full-stack development a competitive job?

    As you wait for your interview for a job as a full-stack developer, are you feeling anxious? It is understandable to feel anxious, especially if this is your first time taking the hot seat. Because at the moment, one of the top tech jobs is full stack development.

    In this article, we present to you full stack web developer interview questions and solutions that will get you started and assist you in passing your first job interview for a web developer.

    Now, let’s learn top full stack developer interview questions and answers. Let’s start.

    Full Stack Interview Questions for Beginners

    1. What is CORS?

    Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, or CORS, is a method for gaining access to various web resources on different domains. Web scripts can be more freely integrated with external content from the original domain with the aid of CORS. This further promotes improved web service integration.

    2. Explain Pair-Programming? Have you ever used it in your previous jobs?

    One of the fundamental components of extreme programming, pair programming involves having two developers work simultaneously on the same terminal. One developer, known as the “Driver,” types the codes, and the other, known as the “navigator,” is in charge of reviewing them.

    My experience with pair programming is well. It results in better communication, better work, better code, and consistently better development practices.

    3. What is Continuous Integration?

    Utilizing automated and specially designed codes for testing is known as continuous integration. The developers can easily deploy codes during production thanks to this process. This process is used frequently throughout the day by web developers to integrate codes. These codes are automatically checked. Errors can be found more easily and quickly thanks to continuous integration.

    4. Multi-threading: What is it?

    The process of multi-threading enhances CPU performance. In general, it refers to a program’s capacity to handle multiple requests from the same user simultaneously or to be managed by multiple users at once. Executing multiple processes that the operating system is capable of supporting is how multithreading is accomplished.

    5. What are some common techniques for speeding up a web application's loading time?

    There are many ways to speed up the loading of web applications, including enabling browser caching, optimising images, resource minification, reducing HTTP requests, and minimising redirects.

    6. What is Long Polling?

    In place of pushing data from the server to the client, long polling is a web development pattern. The client makes information requests to the server using the long polling pattern. Instead of sending an empty resource if the server has no information about the client, the server will hold the request and wait for information to become available.

    7. What is Callback Hell?

    There are times when you have many asynchronous functions, which is called callback hell. With so many callback functions nested in so many layers, it could become quite confusing because those functions depend on one another. The use of callback functions results in code that is challenging to read, maintain, and has the appearance of a pyramid.

    8. What is CI (Continuous Integration)?

    The process of frequent integrating and automating code changes into a single software project, is known as continuous integration, or CI. This DevOps technique aims to make it possible for developers to merge their code changes into a single repository for automated tests and builds. Before integration, the new code is checked for correctness using automated tools.

    The core of the CI process is a source code version control system. Additional checks, such as automated tests for the quality of the code and tools for reviewing the syntax and style, are added to the version control system.

    9. What distinguishes client-side scripting from server-side scripting?

    A blockchain contains a unique identifier for each block. The hash value serves as a special identification number. As a result, no two block identities will ever be the same.

    Intermediate Full Stack Interview Questions

    With practice and as a full stack developer, you will be able to respond with ease to all the basic full stack developer interview questions. In this section, We’ve compiled some full stack developers technical interview questions for your convenience. You can learn more about the specific types of Intermediate Full Stack Interview Questions in this section.

    We have gathered some challenging Cryptocurrency interview questions for you in this part. You can get assistance from this section with these precise types of intermediate Cryptocurrency interview questions you might face while looking for work.

    1. Explain inversion of control.

    As its name suggests, IoC (Inversion of Control) is a design principle used in software engineering. Different types of controls can be inverted with IoC to achieve loose coupling in an object-oriented design. The term “controls” refers to any additional obligations a class might have in addition to its main duty. These include regulating an application’s workflow, regulating object creation, or regulating the binding and development of dependent objects. Classes can be loosely coupled thanks to IoC, which makes testing and maintenance simpler.

    2. How can you fix a connection leak in Java?

    It is referred to as a “leak” when a connection is opened and then abandoned because each time it does, the connection is no longer available for reuse. When certain database requests or transactions are not completed properly or are not committed, the connections are abandoned and permanently closed. This is known as a connection leak.

    3. Explain the Restful API and how can you use it?

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are standardised sets of guidelines and procedures that specify how hardware and software can talk to one another. REST APIs are defined as APIs that adhere to the representational state transfer (REST) design tenets. RESTful APIs are another name for REST APIs.

    Developers can make requests using RESTful APIs and get answers via HTTP requests. Data can be mapped from a cloud platform to a data warehouse or vice versa using REST API.

    4. How do you think GraphQL is different from REST?

    A good developer will be able to answer this question without too much difficulty, even if it is often challenging. GraphQL doesn’t deal with dedicated resources, which is the main difference. There is no connection between the description of a given resource and the method of retrieval. Everything that is described as a graph is related and can be searched according to application requirements.

    Advanced Full Stack Interview Questions

    This section contains some advanced interview questions for AI jobs. Read and Understand how these complex technologies work and how they help businesses.

    1. How can you stop a bot from scraping an API that is open to the public?

    The ability to completely prevent data scraping is not possible if the data contained in the API is publicly available. Rate-limiting is a practical approach that will discourage the majority of users and bots (throttling).

    Throttling will stop a particular device from sending a certain number of requests in a certain amount of time. If more requests are made than allowed, the 429 Too Many Attempts HTTP error code should be returned.

    Alternative ways to stop a bot from scraping include:
  • Based on the user agent string blocking the request
  • Creating front-end temporary “session” access tokens for users
  • 2. What do you know about ACID based on Database systems?

    It is an acronym for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. Based on database systems, we can say that ACID is a set of standard properties. Using these properties we can ensure that database transactions are processed reliably.

    3. Define an Application server?

    This software framework known as an application server enables the development of both server environments and web applications. It includes a thorough service layer model, supports a number of protocols, and uses different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

    4. Explain a few use cases for Docker.

  • Virtual machines may be run on a local machine or in the cloud with little overhead thanks to Docker. They provide you with many of those advantages even though they are not exactly separate machines and do not require an OS to boot.
  • In order to deploy legacy programmes to servers that might not normally be simple to set up with older packages and software versions, Docker can encapsulate them.
  • During your deploy process, Docker may be utilised to create test boxes, which will make continuous integration testing easier.
  • Boxes can be provisioned in the cloud using Docker, and clusters can be orchestrated using Swarm.
  • 5. Will the following code produce as a result?

    The version number of Solidity must be specified at the beginning of the code in order to prevent compatibility issues from occurring during compilation with a different version. Any Solidity code you create must begin with this clause as a requirement. Additionally, you must include the code’s correct version number.

    6. Will the following code produce as a result?

    Full Stack
    Undefined will be output by the code above. In order to remove a property from an object, use the delete operator. Here, the object x has the property foo, which we are deleting from a self-invoking function. We then attempt to reference the deleted property foo, but the result is undefined.


    Whether you’re a developer preparing for an interview or a hiring manager seeking the best candidate, we believe these Full-stack interview questions and answers will be a tremendous help to you throughout the process.

    Keep in mind that technical proficiency is only one aspect of the hiring process. Both prior experience and soft skills are essential if you want to be sure that you get a high paid full stack developer job.

    Keep in mind that many of the full-stack interview questions are open-ended. Not just the answer you memorized, but also your reasoning will be of interest to the interviewer. Always be prepared to address any follow-up inquiries about how you came to your conclusion. Describe the way you think.

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    Keep in mind that technical proficiency is only one aspect of the hiring process. Both prior experience and soft skills are essential if you want to be hired for a high-paid crypto development position.

    Keep in mind that many of the Cryptocurrency interview questions are open-ended. Not just the answer you memorised, but also your reasoning will be of interest to the interviewer. Always be prepared to address any follow-up inquiries about how you came to your conclusion. Describe the way you think.

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