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Optymize is an emerging marketplace for the top 3% of highly skilled ChatGPT developers, programmers, coders, engineers, architects, and consultants vetted by our Talent Cloud Solution. Top Silicon Valley Startups and Fortune 500 companies hire our ChatGPT freelancers to develop and integrate ChatGPT development solutions. 

Hire ChatGPT developers who have extensive experience with:

Designing and Developing Custom smart AI based software solutions

Integrating ChatGPT models and APIs

Integrating AI/ML/NLP based solutions

Integrating OpenAI models: DALL-E, OpenAI Gym and more

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Eliminate the Hassle of Job Posting and Work With our Top 3% of Freelance ChatGPT Developers.

Simply a list of ChatGPT candidates who have been carefully considered, with no effort or search. Hire ChatGPT developers, and they will begin working immediately based on your timezone and requirements.

Devashish M.


ChatGPT, DALL.E, Neural Networking, SQL, Git, Machine Learning , Data Engineering, SQL, Python, Data Pipelines.

4 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Devashish is one of our expert ChatGPT developers. He has extensive experience of 4 years in the field of AI/ML and Software Read more

Donald G.


ChatGPT, GPT-3,4, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Deep Learning, DesignData Engineering, Data Pipelines, Algorithms.

6 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Donald is one of our finest AI software developers. He has 6 years of experience in Read more

Gerard T.


ChatGPT, Algorithms , Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Design ,AI Programming, Deep Neural Networks, NLU, Computer Vision, Python and DALLE-2.

8 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Gerard is one of our senior developers and team leader. He has extensive experience of 8 years in Machine and Deep Learning Read more

Mohan A.


ChatGPT, Wit.AI, DALLE, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Oracle, Terraform, Docker, CI/CD, GraphQL, SQL, AWS, Python.

5 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Mohan is a dedicated ChatGPT developer with specialization in Deep Learning. He is a team leader. with Read more

Paul O.


ChatGPT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Python, Python 3, Chatbots.

7 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Paul is a freelance ChatGPT developer with 7 years of experience. He is an expert in Machine Learning, Read more

Sarah M.


ChatGPT, DALLE, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Midjourney, Codex, Javascript, Matrix, Python, Chatbots, Pandas, Data Pipelines.

8 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Sarah is an expert ChatGPT developer with 8 years of experience in AI Read more

Sean C.


ChatGPT, DALLE, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3, Linux, Machine Learning, Data Scraping, Flask, Git, MySQL, Laravel, and React

7 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Sean is a dedicated ChatGPT developer with 7 years of experience in Machine Learning. He is an expert Read more

Jules T.


ChatGPT, Data Science, Computer Vision, MATLAB, DevOps, API development, Database design, cloud architecture, Saas, PHP, Node, Python, SQL, GraphQL, Nginx and JavaScript.

6+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

With 6+ years of experience, Jules is one of our best ChatGPT Read more

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ChatGPT Integration Guidance

ChatGPT Integration Consultation

If you want to integrate ChatGPT into your business tech but are unsure about how it will be beneficial to your software, consult with us. Our experts will guide you with all the capabilities of ChatGPT and assist you with your unique project requirements with a step by step approach. 

From understanding your business needs to helping you out in building and integrating the AI/NLP based ChatGPT models, we will assist you with every process.

Calibrating ChatGPT Model

Train your ChatGPT model as per your business. Hire our freelance ChatGPT4 engineers to deploy and train your models efficiently. Hire ChatGPT developers to help you plan, collect and preprocess data, evaluate and launch ChatGPT with custom datasets, and fine-tune pre-trained models. Book a session with us to discuss your needs.

NLP-based Custom Software Development

Looking to build an NLP-based custom software solution that can understand, interpret, and generate human language? Then why are you waiting. Our skilled ChatGPT developers utilize techniques such as Language Models,Tokenization, Sentiment Analysis, and Part-of-Speech Tagging (POS) to build NLP based models. They will help you in improving decision-making, automating repetitive tasks, and improving content generation. Hire ChatGPT experts now.

Integrate ChatGPT API

Integrate ChatGPT API

ChatGPT API integration improves the capabilities of any software by miles. Our team of expert ChatGPT developers have experience in integrating ChatGPT API for generating texts, summarizing text, classifying text, and for gaining valuable insights from any unstructured data. What are you interested in? Let’s collaborate to discuss your project details.

Testing and Debugging ChatGPT Model

Testing and Debugging ChatGPT Model

Have integrated ChatGPT models in the past but want to ensure if they work properly? Want to troubleshoot issues and upgrade with the latest tech? You came to the right place. Our expert ChatGPT developers will identify and resolve the issues in your ChatGPT models and ensure that the model works better than expected. Book a session and Hire Freelance ChatGPT developers now.

Upgrade and Maintenance of ChatGPT Model

Just building a software is half the journey. Maintenance, testing, debugging and upgradation are important to stay relevant in the market. Hire our skilled ChatGPT developers to monitor, retrain, or upgrade your model to improve its overall performance. We will upgrade the model with latest datasets and NLP techniques. Hire ChatGPT experts to periodically support, maintain and update your ChatGPT models.

Our ChatGPT Developers are Well-Equipped with Knowledge Services and Experience

Simply a list of candidates who have been carefully considered, with no effort or search. Hire ChatGPT developers, and they will begin working immediately based on your timezone and requirements.

Problem Definition

Problem Definition

This is the first step where our experts will understand your problem, tech requirements, and market needs and will present you with ChatGPT-based solutions. The process includes identifying project needs, target audience, and specific challenges. We will address every limitation and strength and then make a proper plan to ensure that the final ChatGPT model performs exceptionally with the intended purpose.

Data Collection and Preprocessing

After defining the problem, it is time to collect all the raw data that is going to be used to train the ChatGPT model. The step involves collecting, refining, and analyzing large amounts of unrefined data from various sources such as online platforms, websites, online directories, social media platforms, and more. The quantity and the quality of the collected data will have a direct impact on the accuracy and precision of our ChatGPT model.

Model Designing

After collecting and refining the needed data, it is time to design the ChatGPT model. This process involves choosing the right parameters for the model, designing the architecture, deciding the training methodology to be used, and the optimization algorithms needed. Our ChatGPT developers carefully ensure that the model is well-equipped to handle the addressed problems and generate appropriate results with utmost accuracy.

Model Training

Model Training

Now after the model is designed, It is time to train the model with the data gathered. In this process, our ChatGPT experts will feed the data into the model and look for the desired results. They will calibrate the model parameters as per the obtained results and the process will be repeated. The training process consumes a lot of time with many iterations and resources used. However, it is utterly important and will ensure that the final ChatGPT model is well functioning, effective, and precise. The resulting model will be fine-tuned with defined parameters, validated datasets, and high training performance.

Model Testing

Model Testing

In the next step, our skilled ChatGPT developers will evaluate the ChatGPT model in real-time. They will test its abilities and performance using separate data and evaluate how efficiently the model can predict the new inputs and generate the desired response. This step will help us identify the areas of improvement, inaccuracies, and weaknesses and we will improve the model till it’s completely fine-tuned.



After the ChatGPT model is validated and approved, the final stage begins. The model is ready to deploy to the target consumers and is sent to the production facility. The deployment process must be handled with proper planning so it can provide assistance to the intended audience in real-time, is functioning correctly, and is meeting the needs of individuals.

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Discover why Optymize is superior to other recruitment platforms. Find and hire dedicated ChatGPT developers to create applications that truly outshine your competitors. We help you skip the hiring roadblocks so you can focus on your business growth.


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Build your ChatGPT team quickly and efficiently. Share your requirements and we’ll assign you the right team member from our curated pool of ChatGPT experts.

A Call With Our Expert

Schedule a quick call with our Director of Engineering, who will understand your business goals and technical needs in detail.

Schedule an Interview

Get matched with an experience-driven, pre-vetted remote ChatGPT developer within 48 hours of the call.

Review and Onboard

After you review and select the best-matched candidate, start building your project with a 2-week risk-free trial. Don’t pay the fees if you are not satisfied.

We’re dedicated to serving you with our best ChatGPT developers for hire

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Our ChatGPT Developers bring the Latest ChatGPT based Software Solutions

We help you in developing software solutions with these amazing ChatGPT tools and services.



An OpenAI model is used to generate text or code. Including the advanced, Cost-effective, and highly capable Gpt-3.5-turbo.



OpenAI’s moderation model is a machine learning tool designed to moderate various tasks including identification and removal of harmful and inappropriate content from online platforms.



A multimodal model of OpenAI that can generate texts, accepts text and image inputs, and solve complex problems with high accuracy. It has upgraded reasoning capabilities and a broader knowledge base.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a deep learning OpenAI model used to generate detailed text-to-image models. It can create hyper-realistic images and is used for outpainting, inpainting, and image-to-image translations.



DALL.E is an OpenAI model that creates realistic artwork and images from descriptions based on natural language texts. It can generate images of a specific size, edit pre-existing images, and can generate variations of an image as desired.


Midjourney is another text-to-image AI-based tool that produces unique images based on given textual inputs. Midjourney can create distinct and artistic characters, worlds, and much more on a digital canvas.


Whisper is an OpenAI model that is used for speech recognition. The model can perform speech translation, language identification, and multilingual speech recognition.


Bard is a Google-based generative AI bot, powered by LaMDA. It is a conversational text-to-text chatbot that is designed to generate human-like natural language responses. It can engage in human-like conversations with people.


OpenAI's Embeddings measure how much the text strings are related to each other. They capture the semantic meaning of words and phrases and find the relationships between them. It can search, classify and find anomalies in linguistic units.


Large Language Model Meta AI(LLaMA) is a Meta-based largest foundational large language model. It is intensively trained with massive text data and is designed to have conversations, generate text, summarize and modify written material, solve mathematical theorems, and much more.

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How to Hire ChatGPT Developers With Optymize?

FAQs to Hire ChatGPT Developers

Optymize is a trusted marketplace by hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully matched hundreds of skilled developers as both freelancers and on full time jobs with clients all over the world. All our freelance ChatGPT-4 Engineers go through a rigorous vetting process where we identify and test their skills. We test their technical skills(both for breadth across the greater domain and depth in their specific technology), communication skills and remote work readiness.

Optymize follows a simple 3 step process. First, we will understand all your project requirements in detail on the call. Then, we will run our database with the best equipped ChatGPT developers for the project and within the next 48 hours will provide you with their list as per your specific needs. You can assess and interview the candidates as per your criteria and choose the ones you prefer. Lastly, we can sign a contract and you can onboard the ChatGPT developers with a 2 weeks free trial period. You work directly with the ChatGPT developers, and Optymize will provide any other assistance needed 24*7.

Optymize values your time and efforts. Therefore, we have a simple hiring process where our Director of Engineering discusses all your project needs over a call and offers a list of top ChatGPT developers within 48 hours. Afterward, it is up to you, on how quickly you can assess, interview and onboard the developer. Our dedicated ChatGPT developers begin working within three to five days once matched. Since ChatGPT developers are in high demand, we would suggest you hire as early as possible.

ChatGPT developers work with the ChatGPT model built by OpenAI. They have all the knowledge used to design, train and fine-tune the models. They also integrate ChatGPT APIs for developing chatbots, optimizing performance of models and creating NLP/ML based applications. 


Meanwhile, OpenAI developers have a general AI based skill set that includes developing and integrating all OpenAI models, deploy AI/ML based solutions and performing Research and development.

Our trained ChatGPT developers have expertise in the latest language models, including GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, Babbage, Ada, Davinci, Curie, as well as the latest image models such as CLIP, Midjourney and DALL-E. Audio models like Whisper and Jukebox as well.

We have a risk-free trial policy of two weeks during which you can thoroughly analyze the developer’s work. If satisfied, we can move forward and continue our engagement and if there are issues, we will assist you with another quality ChatGPT developer who may satisfy your needs with a second trial.

Optymize is committed to providing highly skilled elites. We put ChatGPT developers through a rigorous vetting process that includes customized coding and problem-solving tests that are aligned with the current market needs and technological standards. Our developers are vetted by veterans of Google and Amazon. Furthermore, we also assess their communication skills and team working abilities, which results in vetted ChatGPT developers ready to meet all your business needs.

The timeline to develop AI-based software solutions using ChatGPT depends on several factors. The factors are project complexity, project scope, availability of resources, technical requirements, third-party integration, model training regimen, and location of developers. So providing a direct answer to the project timeline is hard as these essential factors affect the timeline of development. Connect with us to get an estimated time for your ChatGPT based AI software development.

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