Remote Back-end Developer Salary

How much is the Back-end developer's salary?

Back-end has emerged as a popular open-source python web framework for web application development. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and secure, companies use it without any hesitation. Developers follow the same trends to have a flourishing career with a handsome salary. The average Back-end developer salary ranges from a minimum of $80,000 to a maximum of $120,000 per year.

One might say these are huge, but specific parameters affect these wages. This is why to provide you with better insights on Back-end developer salary, we have categorized them based on regions and level of experience, so follow the article.

Back-end Developer Salaries Based on Locations

Just like lifestyles, salaries differ according to location. So check it out and get some insight on how much you can earn in each region.

Let us look the chart to get an idea of salaries according to location:

Country Salary Per Annum
USA $122,000
Canada $93,000
United Kingdom $74,000
Germany $89,000
Australia $85,000

Remote Back-end Programmer Salaries Based on Location

Remote Back-end Programmer Salaries

Back-end is one of the most popular web development programming frameworks. With an abundance of companies putting their operations online, there is a huge demand for quality Back-end developers. And who else can bear this critical responsibility other than a remote Back-end developer?

The average remote Back-end developer salary range between $78,000 and $157,000 per year.

Back-end Developer Salary Based on Experience

Junior Back-end Developer Salary

The majority of Back-end developers all over the world are juniors with zero to one year of experience.

Naturally, junior Back-end programmers need instruction and a lot of time to become proficient in the development side. But they are perfect for any development practice because of their youthful perspectives and curiosities.

Generally, the average median salary of a junior Back-end developer is around $49,500 per year.

Mid-level Back-end Developer Salary

The mid-level Back-end developer has two to three years of experience and handles some of the tedious tasks. They make realistic assessments of the tasks’ difficulty and completion dates. Although they require mentorship, they work independently and get familiar with different functionalities of specific applications.

A mid-level Back-end developer earns an average salary of $69,000 per year.

Senior Back-end Developer Salary

A senior Back-end developer who has more than three to four years of experience puts together a team to develop a plan for creating intuitive web applications. He assesses complex systems and drives success, which is why the senior Back-end programmer gets higher salaries of around $89,000 per year.

“High quit rates in the US have thrown hiring managers and CXOs into the deep end to meet their product development needs. And 73% of engineers are negotiating for a higher salary.”, stated an industry insight report published by PGC Group.

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