Remote Full Stack Developer Salary

Full-Stack Salary

How High is the Full Stack Developer Salary?

Full-stack development has emerged as a viable option for IT companies. Because it focuses on both the front-end and back-end operations, it reduces the additional workforce while maximizing revenue. For this reason, IT firms are eager to hire full stack developers with higher salaries. The average full stack developer salary ranges from $102,000 to way above $150,000 per year.

Of course, they differ based on region and years of experience. So if you want to find out fullstack salary in a specific location or based on experience level, stick to the end.

Full Stack Developer Salaries Based on Locations

The salaries of full stack developers vary according to the cost of living. 

This means developed countries will have greater salaries than developing countries because of the difference in the cost of living. So check the following data and get some insight into how much you can earn in each region.

Let us look the chart to get an idea of salaries according to location:

Country Avg. Salary in USD
USA 110,078
India 14,000
Germany 64,800
UK 56,500
Australia 90,000
Italy 34,500
Poland 25,500

Full Stack Developer Salary in USD vs Location

Avg Salary Full stack

Remote Full Stack Programmer Salaries

Thanks to COVID, remote development has gained massive momentum. It revolutionized IT development with quality software production, productivity, and agility. This again pushed companies to value their employees and offer satisfactory perks.

On average, the remote full stack developer salary ranges between $115,000 and $151,000 per year.

Full Stack Developer Salaries Based on Experience

The salaries rise with experience.

Junior Full Stack Developer Salary

Around the world, junior developers with 0 to 1 year of experience make up the majority of full-stack developers.

However, they are perfect for any development practice because of their youthful perspectives and curiosities.

Generally, the average median salary of a junior full stack developer is around $85,000 per year.

Intermediate Full Stack Developer Salary

The intermediate fullstack developer has two to three years of experience and is responsible for some of the time-consuming front-end and back-end operations. Furthermore, they collaborate with the lead developer to design and develop front-end components and APIs. This increases both his responsibilities and his pay.

An intermediate fullstack developer earns an average salary of $101,000 per year.

Senior Full Stack Developer Salary

A senior full stack developer who has more than three to four years of experience puts together a team to develop a plan for creating intuitive full stack applications. He assesses complex bugs, software, and hardware issues to improve the efficiency of the product. On average, a senior full stack developer earns around $135,000 per year.

“High quit rates in the US have thrown hiring managers and CXOs into the deep end to meet their product development needs. And 73% of engineers are negotiating for a higher salary.”, stated an industry insight report published by PGC Group.

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