Remote Web3 Developer Salary

Web3 Developer Salary

Among the roles with the highest salaries, Web3 tops the charts. But how huge are Web3 salaries?

As technology advances, it trends and dominates the popularity index. Web3 is among those that quickly gained traction in the tech industry with the highest perks. The majority of developers, even with or without a keen interest, are drawn to its salaries, which range from $70,000 to way above $230,000. 

If you are one of them, stay tuned and find out Web3 salaries according to roles, regions, and level of experience.

Web3 Salaries Based on Roles

Web3 is vast, and building a robust decentralized application requires different professionals. The following is a list of different Web3 roles with their respective Web3 salaries.

Let us look the chart to get an idea of salaries according to location:

Role Avg. Annual Income in USD
Blockchain Developer 100K
Fullstack Developer 100K
Front end Developer 90K
Backend Developer 100K
Java Developer 67K
Solidity Developer 100K
Role Avg. Annual Income in USD
Golang Developer 97K
Rust Developer 120K
React Developer 100K
Mobile Developer 114K
Smart Contract Developer 120K
Node Developer 100K
Web3 salary

Web3 Salaries Based on Locations

Various parameters affect Web3 salaries, and among them is the location. From first world nations to developing countries, we have mentioned Web3 salaries for all locations. So check it out and get some insight on how much you can earn in each region.

Location Avg. Salary in USD
USA 120,000
Asia 51,000
Europe 71,000
Africa 57,000
Oceania 65,000
South America 63,000

Remote Web3 Salaries

Remote development has been booming for the past few years. Thanks to COVID, developers are highly productive and focused to build quality applications that satisfy clients’ needs. With all saying remote development is the future, all IT development can now be seen developed remotely, including Web3 development.

The salaries offered to remote Web3 developers range between $60,000 and $180,000 per year.

Web3 Salaries Based on Experience

Similar to other roles, Web3 salaries vary by experience.

Junior Web3 Developer Salary

Junior developers have zero to one year of experience and seek an opportunity to prove their abilities to advance a particular technology and benefit their employers. 

Of course, these Web3 programmers require training and a lot of time to get well versed in the development aspect. But because of their fresh minds and curiosity, they are ideal for any development practice.

The average median salary of a junior Web3 developer is around $80,000 per year.

Intermediate Web3 Developer Salary

As the level of experience goes up, the responsibilities do too. The intermediate Web3 developer has two to three years of experience and handles tedious tasks such as the implementation of blockchain protocols, Dapps, and smart contracts.

An intermediate Web3 developer earns an average salary of $115,000 per year.

Senior Web3 Developer Salary

With more than three to four years of experience, a senior Web3 developer assembles a team and devises a strategy for developing the decentralized application. He implements effective strategies to build and improve the blockchain ecosystem, front-end, and features to ensure a smooth platform experience for users.

The average median salary of a senior Web3 developer is around $150,000 per year.

“High quit rates in the US have thrown hiring managers and CXOs into the deep end to meet their product development needs. And 73% of engineers are negotiating for a higher salary.”, stated an industry insight report published by PGC Group.

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