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A fast-emerging start-up building tools to improve their serivce quality is looking for a Full-stack MERN Engineer. The client has won several awards for their leadership in the use of digital technologies in the media, music publishing, and retailing industries. In order to fill a team member development position on their expanding team, they are presently looking for MERN Developers. Using JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, Node.js, and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, this person will design, create, and unit-test highly scalable, high-performance online, mobile, and single-page apps.

– Required a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline.

– 5+ years of experience developing full-stack applications.

– A minimum of three years’ experience developing MERN or MEAN stacks.

– React framework experience of at least two years is required.

– Has to have prior knowledge of the MERN stack, which consists of MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.

– Strong knowledge in creating scalable web APIs.

Having expertise designing applications with strong impact and dependability and a responsive design.

Knowledge of building cross-platform and cross-browser compatible code.

The capacity for effective communication and expression.

The capacity for effective communication and expression.

Strong drive to keep current with technology and to offer improvements.

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