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Optymize is an emerging marketplace to hire Salesforce developers who are pre-vetted by our Talent Cloud Solution. You’ll get the top 3% of Salesforce developers ready to integrate with your product development team. With a 2-week no-risk trial period, you can get started in as little as 48 hours.

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Niraj S.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce Programming, Salesforce.

5 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Niraj has eight years of experience and is a 12-time Salesforce implementation certified expert. He has extensive knowledge of the Salesforce products, including sales...service, community, and marketing cloud. Over the course of his career, he has finished a number of projects in the fast-moving consumer goods, financial, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors.

Peter M.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce Programming,Salesforce.

7 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Peter is one of our finest Salesforce developers. He has 7+ years of experience specializing in designing, developing, and implementing Salesforce solutions...The combination of strong development and architect skills with consulting practices makes Peter a great candidate for your project.

Daniel P.


Behavior-driven Development (BDD), React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript.

11+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

With more than 11 years of experience, Daniel is one of our experienced freelance Salesforce developers. He assesses complex solutions and enjoys building the best products. Daniel began his career at Accenture...and over the years has worked for top tech giants, including Accenture. He has elevated his potential as a Salesforce developer through entrepreneurship and as a skilled architect.

Lucifier C.


Salesforce, Salesforce Programming,SQL, ASP.NET, Django,CloudSalesforce, Git.

4 Years of experience

Available Full Time

Lucifier is a dedicated Salesforce developer with more than 4 years of experience. She has experience in building prototypes using Salesforce to test products. In her 4 years ...

Vishal M.


Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Marketing, SQL, Django.

8+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

Vishal is a dedicated Salesforce developer with 6 years of experience. He has worked in building successful software products ...He can assist with producing high-quality, maintainable, and well-designed code. He is focused on finding new and creative ways of leveraging the platforms to address the ever-changing needs of business organizations.

Brad T.


Salesforce, Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Marketing, SQL, ASP.NET.

8+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

Brad is an expert Salesforce developer with more than 9 years of experience. His experience include.He has in depth knowledge of the Salesforce products... including the sales, service, community, and marketing clouds, and has worked with startups to quickly and affordably develop software products.

Chang K.


Salesforce, Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Marketing, SQL

6+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

Chang is a Salesforce developer with 5 years of experience. He worked with an EV startup and an OTT platform. He is experienced...in adding new features and bug fixing from specification to deployment. Additionally, he has a strong grasp of business and business concepts, which helps him communicate with executives and other important business stakeholders.

Smith C.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce Programming,Salesforce.

5+ Years of experience

Available Full Time

Smith is a top Salesforce developer with 5 years of experience. He developed a prototype using Salesforce while working with a leading e-commerce...site to analyze customer data and successfully target particular customers. He has excellent leadership abilities and can guide a Salesforce development team to deliver your affordable product in a constrained amount of time..

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Read our case studies to explore how our technology is opening up opportunities
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Freelance Salesforce developers are in high demand these days.

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How to Find and Hire the Best Salesforce Developer?


We at Optymize, believe in providing talented elites. We test Salesforce developers through a rigorous vetting process consisting of customized coding, and problem-solving tests that align your project requirements. Further, we evaluate their communication skills and team dynamics and the result is vetted Salesforce developers ready to fulfil your business needs.

We appreciate your time and efforts. As a result, we have a simple hiring process in which our Director of Engineering discusses your requirements and provides a list of top Salesforce developers within 48 hours. Following that, it is entirely up to you how quickly you interview and onboard the developer. Our dedicated Salesforce developers begin working within three to five days of being matched, but due to high demand, we recommend starting and finishing hiring as soon as possible.

We have a two-week risk-free trial policy, which means you can thoroughly evaluate the developer’s work during this time. If you are satisfied, we can proceed with the engagement; if not, we will refer you to another quality Salesforce developers who may be able to meet your project needs with a second trial.

To find the best Salesforce developers, we start by manually reviewing their profiles. It entails reviewing online profiles to gain an understanding of the developers’ technical backgrounds and work experiences. Following that, we request a visual self-introduction to assess communication skills and select the most effective ones for remote working. Then, to assess hard skills, we conduct a technical interview round that includes tests, Salesforce assessments, and coding challenges. Next, we conduct a final review and schedule an onboarding call with the Salesforce developers to officially welcome them to Optymize.

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