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Optymize’s security services reverse engineered source code to deliver a better online defense system.

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The company’s top concern was to ensure that account access data was secure both in transit and at rest. Reverse engineering of source code was also included in the project’s scope. As a precaution, the proposal was made to include protection not just from installation but also from launching the app on a rooted device. This may be done by verifying if the SU daemon is installed at each programme start, for example. Security is still one of the Android platform’s biggest security issues. Optymize demonstrated a new method of creating access keys for authorization without saving user credentials on the device. The only exception was that the programme could still be launched on a rooted smartphone with the help of third-party software. The client has decided that additional rooting protection will be effective, given that the new authorisation method has greatly improved the device-server communication and have reduced security concerns. After reconsidering the recommendations and the probable breadth of the problem, the client determined that extra rooting protection would be ineffective.
“The project was a success, and it contributed to increased customer trust in the system’s security. Optymize performed efficiently and gave good outcomes for a reasonable rate. They communicated effectively, ensuring that their partners felt on the same page throughout the engagement.”
CTO, Ticketleap

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